UI, Icons and Ranks

It’s all go here at the moment. I’ve been battling with the HUD for Eye of the Storm. Was it just that I’d seen it too often or was it that I really didn’t like it?
I went with the latter in the end and after having a chat with Steve, we came up with a nice new shiny HUD idea. This meant taking some time out from building the interior corridor sections of Leviathan but, it does mean we’ll get the new HUD in place a lot sooner. 
All the icons are now a solid white image on a transparent background. 


Everything about the HUD is going to be a lot simpler than the existing version. No more of those grey frames taking up valuable screen real estate. We’re removing the health and XP bars, health will be represented in another way using the player ship itself. The rank symbols and Cargo counter are also going to be taken away, moved into a different screen entirely. In keeping with this new design however, I am currently reworking the rank icons themselves. Fun times.
    We’re about to be rebuilding all the other in game screens too in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled on Screenshot Saturday for sneak peeks.