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“We don’t know who they are or where they came from. We only know they’re hostile. The Eye of Hades has fallen. We know we’ll be next. There are too many of them to defend against. Please. We need Earth Fleet here now.”

Eye of the storm blends retro arcade style shoot em up action with a more modern gameplay experience and player evolution. 

With a choice of 3 unique playable fighter ships, 7 upgradeable weapons and 5 ship upgrades, your chosen craft is personal to you. Add in an experience system that allows you to add further upgrades, your craft can be totally original to you. Each ship has a different number of weapon expansion ports, each allows a separate upgradeable weapon. The configuration of these is entirely at the player’s choice. Each of these however, has a limited time that it can be used without cooling down, so use them wisely.

The action is relentless, stretching across 12 levels, each with 4 separate stages with procedurally generated enemies. You’ll have to navigate a safe path through asteroid fields and the junkyard like ruins of the Eye of Hades space station, all the time facing off against the enemy craft. If you do manage to find yourself in trouble, there are 3 SOS beacons available for pick up throughout the levels. These will allow you to call in reinforcements to help bail you out.

Eye of the Storm will release on Steam first, followed by PS4 and Xbox. 

So get out there pilot, show ‘em that Earth Fleet doesn’t go down without a fight.